Thank you Roy

Serviced the drag disks with Cal's drag grease.

John Quelly's snapper

Snapper on jig
Caught on Slow Fall technique.

Sailfish landed

Landed a Sailfish the other night.
It was a magnificent and beautiful specie, right in the palm of my hand.
...all 5 inches of her.
No photos, had to release her fast so she can live and be free.

School on a Sunday

Bluefin Trevally

Mumsys catch

Lemax SlimMax Pe3 rod
Daiwa Vadel 4000
Daiwa JBraid Pe3
Surecatch 3e Jig

Popping again soon

Triplets for Team Effort

Amberjack and Ruby Snapper video

Video of Amberjack
From strike to finish
Complete Video
Landed in less than 5 minutes

Ruby Snapper video

Lemax SlimMax Pe3 rod
Pe3 Daiwa JBraid
Daiwa Vadel 4000

Halfday Jigging



Ruby Snapper

Mumsy's first on video

Mumsy's first on Jig
Rod: Storm Gomoku Erito
Reel: Shimano Biomaster 5000SW
Jig: Anglers Pal Killer Jigs

Wifeys first on jig

March 4, 2016

Music to my ears

Batangas Jigging - New location. New spot.