Ready to get some.

Daiwa Vadel 4000
Shimano Biomaster 8000SW

Daiwa Vadel 4000
Shimano Biomaster 5000SW
Shimano Biomaster 8000SW

Daiwa Vadel line capacity

Great finds.

Time for another custom built jigging rod.

Hope to test these out soon.

Wifey's Octopus

Wifey caught this Octopus.

Zambales 11-14-2015

Zambales 11-14-2015
Sharing Dominic's and Gor's catch.

Just keep jigging.


Jigging 11.3-4.15

Jigging 11.3-4.15
Thanks to Hook Pro Outdoor and Kennys Tackle shop.
Rod: Williamson SopranoZ PE1-3
Reel: Shimano Biomaster 8000SW
Jig: Spectrum Glider 150g
Line: Daiwa JBraid 

Day 1 - 3 Groupers, 1 Aswang.
Lost 3 jigs.
Day 2 - 2 Groupers, 1 Ruby Snapper and 1 Doggie.
Lost 2 jigs.

7kg+ Doggie

Coral Trout 1 on Spectrum 150g Jig 

Coral Trout 1 on Williamson SopranoZ rod and Spectrum 150g Jig
Got one more Coral Trout and five groupers on jig.

Wifey got her first fish on jig too.

Puttin some hurt on a Doggie

Williamson SopranoZ rod
Shimano Biomaster 8000 SW