Hello 2012, Hello Rainbow Runner!

Went out with Enesys after a last minute trip planning. Set off to Calubcob, Batangas for a quick trip to the usual fishing hole. Everything was set... good calm weather, cool breeze, and a bit cloudy. Jigged the fishing hole and then Nante gets a strike. BAM! He was using the heavy gears of Enesys, Ocea Jigger 4000P and Barefoot 400g rod. Bend was oh so lovely, then after a couple of cranks... the unexpected happened.

Fish dived and Nante was almost pulled overboard! He was positioned at the rear of the boat and the rod was bent like mad! I think I heard him curse since he was caught off-guard on how this one fought. He couldn't lift the rod anymore, then it darted to the left! Compensating, he immediately tried to fight the sudden change of direction and rod was still down since the fish was still peeling the line of the Ocea 4000P... then as quickly as it happened... the rod went straight. Pulled a ligament or almost dislocating Nante's shoulder in the process. Retrieved the line to see where it was cut and we were expecting a frayed Fluorocarbon leader but it was cut from the 65lbs Jerry Brown braid. Probably lost about 30m of braid on that beast. Nante's shoulder was injured and was not able to jig much anymore. He estimated that one at the 30+kg range.

After 5 hours of jigging we decided to head back to shore, so we trolled instead since Enesys and I needed some much needed sleep. He even said that we were gonna get a double strike. Then while trying to catch some Z's... my reel was screaming and the rod was jerking like crazy! Nante guns the engine to set the hook properly. Harvey handed me the rod and I fought what was at the other end of the line. Ok ok, it's been ages since I caught something while trolling with a Rapala so I tried to take it easy. Harvey was already retrieving his setup when suddenly... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttttt! his rod too was jerking with the lovely sound of the reel clicker. Woohoooo "Double Strike" indeed! He tried to set the hook since the boat engine was already shut off, after a couple of cranks the fish was gone. Bugger!

So then I was fighting my fish and moved to the front of the boat. In my head a Spanish Mackarel and Wahoo was at the end of my lure... Counting the Metered braid to find out how much longer the line is out... 30m... 20m... 10m... in my head an image of a Wahoo was set. Then Nante said... Rainbow Runner! The image in my head suddenly changed to a Salmon (as to what they locally call it) gaffed and lifted to the boat. What a big Rainbow Runner, biggest I've seen with my own eyes. The lure was swallowed almost entirely... only a small portion of the head was visible.

Made another attempt to catch Enesys' fish but looks like they were not there anymore.

So we lost a big one, but it's those big ones that make us go back and try again someday. Sad that Nante was injured, so we told him to get lot's of rest and let the fish grow some more and we will be back and hopefully see what those fish are really made of.

Cheers everyone.