Jigged Calubcob, Batangas today with Bibo and Ed Gatdula.

1st drop was done by Bibo and after a couple of strokes using his Saltiga 20 and JM Alien jig... he donated his jig to a toothy critter.

Ed got tired while jigging and switched to bottom fishing. Heavy style-fiberglass short rod, Avet MXL with 60lbs braid, got a big bite and fought for couple of mins but lost it after it managed to drag the 100lb Fluorocarbon leader to the rocks below.

We were about to move to another spot when I was bringing the jig up via long strokes. Got a hit and I managed to land my 1st Wahoo on jig.

Thanks to Bibo, Sir Ed, Nante and my Wifey.

Rod: Barefoot 400g
Reel: Jigging Master PE6
Line: Jerry Brown 65lbs
Jig: JM Rocket Jig 300g