Night and Day fishing

December 21, 2010
Laiya, Batangas

3.5kgs Big Eye Trevally - Light Jigging

The usual suspects:

My 2nd attempt on Night Jigging. 1st drop I was able to catch a Bigeye Trevally using my Pioneer Tuna Terror II rod, Shimano Biomaster 5000 with Surecatch 35g jig. I sure miss battling a fish on a Spinning Gear. Caught a couple of other species after a couple of tries.

2nd drop I caught a squid on the same setup, Nth drop... a small Red tail Galunggong. While the other boat UU and Moleman both caught Aswangs. Threw it back in the waters since they dont look happy when you take photos of Aswangs.

By 7:30am we were off to the Buoys of Laiya. On our 3rd payaw, I got a strike and landed a 4kgs Dorado. Next was Fishin_ivy's turn, was reminding her the basics of Dorado fishing when all of the sudden the line was yanked from her finger... gave a good couple of seconds before closing the bail and BOOM! Dorado Aerobatics! She landed her very first Dorado today which weighed in at 3kgs.

So now it's Onin's turn... when suddenly Roger's setup was screaming and the rod was on big bendo mode. Setup is a Daiwa Eliminator Rod, Shimano Spheros 6000FA. Mang Roger handed over the Rod to Onin and got the fight of his life. Took him a good 15 minutes I think to land that 5.5kgs Dorado. Mind you, the Dorado's these days fight like a train! They are really remarkable game fishes and this year was no exception... compared to last year, they are more agressive and fierce fighters this season.

By 10:30am we were already heading back to shore, and UU and Moleman's boat was behind us. Saw UU's haul and he was able to bring in 3 biggies. A 5.5kgs, 4.3kgs and a 4kgs. Moleman was able to land one as well. So no one went home today empty handed.

Rod: Pioneer Tuna Terror Plus
Reel: Shimano Biomaster 5000
Line: PowerPro 20lbs
Jig: Surecatch 35g

Rod: Shimano FX7ft
Reel: Shimano Spheros 6000FA
Line: PowerPro 40lbs

Rod: Daiwa Eliminator
Reel: Tica Taurus 4500SH
Line: Sufix 35lbs

3.5kgs Big Eye Trevally - Light Jigging

Squid on Light Jig

Red Tail Galunggong on Light Jig

Onin's 5.5kgs Dorado (Mahi-mahi)

Fishin_ivy's 1st Dorado (Mahi-mahi)

Night Jigging Video

Fishin_ivy's 1st Dorado

Onin's Dorado