8-3-10 Spool Out

Went jigging in Calubcob for a long awaited jigging spree with UU, Merlin, UU's friend Alex and yours truly.

Landed a 15kg+ Amberjack on my 5th drop. Victim was not able to pull much line, but I can really feel her might on my rod. Alex was able to land a 3kg+ Jack Trevally with my Pioneer Tuna Terror 2 rod, Tica Taurus 4500 reel with Surecatch 3E 150g jig.

Merlin also landed a good sized 2+kg grouper after we got our share. Later in the afternoon Alex got a massive strike that peeled all the line from the Tica Taurus 4500, even after adjusting the knob twice. Lost my lucky jig on that one.

Oh well, that's life. We said, hey Alex... next time don't join us anymore on our fishing trips... stick to Airsoft. You're making us look bad in jigging.


Congrats guys!

Rod: Barefoot 400g
Reel: JM PE6
Line: Jerry Brown 65lbs
Jig: Ofmer 300g

Rod: Pioneer Tuna Terror II
Reel: Tica Taurus 4500
Line: Sufix Braid 30lbs
Jig: Surecatch 3E

While taking my photos ops, you can see Alex fighting his 1st jigging victim.

Look at the facial expression on Alex' face.

Alex' 1st victim.


Merlin's Grouper.

All smiles.

Art Directing the photo shoot.

Smile for the Camera! Forcing the model to smile. She's a shy little fella.

Just keep jigging.