Video of GT

Jigging 1-30-16

Video of GT

Posted by Reelin's Fishing Space - Philippines on Monday, February 1, 2016

Jigging 1-30-16

Double Strike Amberjacks landed.

One caught on Daiwa Vadel 4000/ Lemax SlimMax Pe1-3 rod

the other on Daiwa Catalina 4500/Hots Fake Lez rod

Rusty Jobfish on Santec jig.

Daiko Verger rod

Shimano Biomaster 8000 SW
Daiwa Jbraid Pe4

GT landed.

Hot gear of the day: Daiwa Vadel 4000
Paired with Lemax SlimMax Pe1-3 rod, Surecatch 3e 150g Jig and Daiwa Jbraid Pe3.